Can you spray tan when pregnant?

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Can you spray tan when pregnant?

Can you spray tan while pregnant? I get asked this question a lot and to be honest have never talked about it on my site, so here is my first post on it.

I spray tan pregnant women all the time, some heavily pregnant, some a few days before they are due type pregnant and some who are only a few months in pregnant.

Having a spray tan while pregnant is the best pick me up and makes many women feel absolutely amazing, fresh and energised. At the same time mums to be have someone else to think about, so for first time mums it’s a very valid question.

The reality is, yes you can have a spray tan while pregnant. The only time it’s not recommended to have a spray tan is during your first trimester. However, in all cases be sure to check with your doctors.

At Luxe Spray Tan NB we only use the best solutions and products when spray tanning which mainly derive of natural and organic ingredients. The brands we love and use religiously are Aussie brands like Techno Tanand Naked Tan

If you have any questions on this, either send us an email or give us a call.