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Step 1: Exfoliation – yes that’s right, the word you’ve heard a billion times over Exfoliate!

If your serious about your big day, that social event you have planned, that formal, that date or even just the week ahead of your glorious summer inducing sunless spray tan then you must give your mind body and soul the love it deserves and exfoliate the body from head to toe – twice a day.

My best recommendation is to start 7 days prior to your spray tan appointment, why? Because we all think we have soft supple skin with just a simple moisturiser, but the reality is we don’t.

Exfoliating from head to toe 7 days prior will give your skin the chance it needs to buff away all the coarse, scabby dryness until its out of sight.

There are two options to exfoliating, in shower or before showering using a dry brush. Whatever you prefer extra scrubbing must occur around the elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands.

Step 2: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Seriously be OVER generous here and lavish your body with the creamiest, thickest body butter or moisturiser you can get your hands on. And no Sorbolene doesn’t count as moisturiser.

After every exfoliation (this is twice a day styles) lathering your body in a super hydrating, thirst quenching body cream will completely invigorate the new skin cells which you’ve scrubbed to the surface, penetrating right down through the all the layers of skin. That whole mind, body, soul thing will be working in sync, you will love every minute of your new polished and hydrated body.

The result of doing this twice daily will feel like you’re in skin heaven. Not only will your skin be truly soft, supple and free from dryness, scabs or flaky bits your skin will be glowing from head to toe. Seriously just by doing this you’re creating the fundamental requirements to a flawless application for any spray tan or tanning product. 

Step 3: Remove All/Any Deodorant Please!!!

This is pretty simple and straight forward here. Prior to your spray tan all deodorant must be removed entirely using a baby wipe/facial wipe.

The purpose of this is to ensure that you are not left with any patches green or white after the spray tan.

Step 4: Remove Your Make Up!!

Yes again, so simple just take it off. Use a face wipe, baby wipe whatever makes you comfortable. Just ensure all of it is removed.

Step 5: Don’t shower for 6-8 hours prior to your appointment.

This is my biggest tip and the reason why is that I need your skin to be as dry as possible (without the flakiness of course). Typically, after any shower your pores are open and skin is somewhat moist, this is not a good canvas for spray tanning. The end result can be that your spray tan doesn’t last as long as it should or colour doesn’t develop properly. 

Step 6: Wear loose clothing por favor…

No brainer here, just come in loose clothing – whatever you have. The last thing you want is having a partial tan because your clothes were too tight and rub off somewhere.